We prepare a customized Health Profile for our clients.

The process itself represents a series of follow-up investigations, analyses, tests and subsequent recommendations designed to develop a football player's professional career.

All the collected data and results are summarised in the athlete's personal card (Health Profile), which represents a comprehensive collection of information about an individual. This data storage exists in digital or print form and creates a system element in view of a football player's individual preparation. The progress of an athlete is evaluated by the Health Profile Information System (HPIS).

On the basis of the information obtained, we are able to create mutual ties: trainer - physician - nutrition consultant - physiotherapist – manager, etc. and in a targeted manner to influence the player's future career.

Purpose of activity

The process of preparing an athlete from youth to the point where he/she becomes a professional player is a long-term process. It is important that the preparation of a player is in accordance with his/her health and performance options. At our centre, we strive to recognize and respect these choices.

  • We make an athlete's preparation more efficient and more dynamic.

  • We will extend the time for them to be able to play at the top by proposing solutions for the athlete that will affect his/her health and performance status.

Material for athlete

The athlete receives an athlete's personal card, which he/she can customise and influence his or her attitude towards individual preparation. The material fully maps the player's sport and health status (diet, training, regeneration and reconditioning, illnesses, injuries, medical examinations, whole-body analysis, static and functional diagnostics, physical skills, stress tests, nutrition, nutritional supplements, etc.).


It is optimal is that the duration of the cooperation with an athlete lasts for at least three to six months, because after such a time period we can best evaluate the player's progress. If necessary, we can negotiate with the player on an individual timing and on the range of services. The period of duration offers 3 options:

  • cooperation for a fixed period
  • cooperation for an indefinite period
  • interrupted cooperation (training camp, summer and winter training, rehabilitation training units, etc.)